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The Seed Shop Pascal Poot


The Seed Shop Pascal Poot

All our varieties are produced in organic, outdoor and selected for their nutritional qualities, their taste, their resistance to diseases, drought or excess moisture and their productivity for more than 20 years.

The result of this selection is reflected in the fact that our varieties produce 10 to 20 times more vitamins, antioxidants and polyphenols (polyphenols are, according to researchers, the most interesting nutrients for prevention of cancer) than conventional or hybrid varieties.

Our varieties are exclusively old, but also the most modern, because we are constantly improving them.
Sale of seedlings from 20.04 to 20.05.2017 at our shop GAEC LA Graine de Vie in Lodève.

Potager de sante graine de vie 

To order directly, please contact us:

from Tuesday to Thursday from 13h to 16h. Rachel and Samuel

By phone at : +33

Email: lepotagerdevie@gmail.com

Who are we ?

Pascal Poot Conservatoire de la tomate Lodeve

Lodève Semences agricoles bio

The new room is at lodève 2 Boulevard Montalangue (in front of the hotel de la Paix), opening hours and days: MONDAY to friday (9 am-12pm at 1 pm to 5 pm / tel: +33 467966983) to buy our seeds, the team of the Potager de Vie will welcome you there. Closed on 02.01.2018 exceptionally.

Order by phone, from Monday to Thursday at from 13h to 16h.

Sincerely, the team of the Potager de Vie.

Rachel, Pascal et Samuel.


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